Association of Medical Doctors of ASIA, founded in 1984, Consultative Status with UN ECOSOC since 1995








  • Activity report on Nepal earthquake from Dr.Ramachandra Kamath, AMDA India

    Publication date:2015-09-04
    Nepalearthquake–anoverview Nepalwashitbyearthquakeofmagnitude7.8onRichterscalearound11:56a.m.localtimeonApril25,2015causinginjuries,disabilities,deathsandstructuraldamagebeyondproportion.Be


      Publication date:2015-02-23
      Thirty years ago, a group of medical students led by Dr. Kenneth Hartigan-Go and Pancho Flores came to my office soliciting sponsorship to be able to host the first AMDA-AMSA Conference . I agreed to to be the sole sponsor of the event. Upon attendance to the opening ceremonies of the conference, I was introduced to the founding president of AMDA-AMSA, a youthful and dynamic Japanese doctor in the person of Dr. Shigeru Suganami. That meeting was the best thing that ever happened to my life. Dr. Suganami was full of enthusiasm, great ideas and hoping to unite the young doctors of Asia into a cohesive body that could help fill the needs of the young medical professionals and the poor people that they served.

      • ​Dream Comes True

        Publication date:2015-02-23
        The idea of establishment of AMDA came from a young medical student from Okayama named Shigeru Suganami. In the 70s, when Dr.Suganami was a medical student, he went to Cambodia and saw many refugees because there was a war there. At that time he was shocked at the sight of the bad situation. He really wanted to help them but he couldn’t. Then, he started dreaming to establish a humanitarian organization to help the people who were affected due to wars or disasters. After he became a doctor, he established The Association of Medical Doctors for Asia (AMDA) in 1984. The aim in establishing AMDA is to help people who are marginalized due to wars or disasters.

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