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  • AMDA Emergency Relief #3: Floods in Pakistan

    Publication date:2023-01-25
    In response to the large-scale flooding that struck Pakistan in the second half of 2022, AMDA sent an emergency relief coordinator from Japan in September to launch emergency relief activities with its local counterparts. The extent of the damage was devastating, so much so that it lingered for a few months until the flood water receded. 
    The National Disaster Management Authority of Pakistan (NDMA) said, 1,739 people died (including 647 children) and 12,867 were injured (as of 18 November 2022). Leaving one-third of the country under water, the authorities estimated that the affected population would top 33 million, of

    • Activity Report on 2022 Java Earthquake Emergency Relief

      Publication date:2023-01-13
      AMDA Indonesia has recently submitted an activity report on the Java earthquake emergency relief which took place in November 2022.The report can be downloaded from the link below:Activity Report on 2

      • Message from AMDA for New Year 2023

        Publication date:2022-12-28
        Soon after the year 2022 began, a humanitarian crisis occurred in Ukraine. Still now, many people have been forced to take refuge under the cold skies. Through emergency relief activities held in resp

        • AMDA Emergency Relief #36: Crisis in Ukraine

          Publication date:2022-12-28

          1) Shifting to local-driven relief efforts

          AMDA has recently commissioned its Hungarian and Ukrainian local counterparts to primarily run the relief activities for Ukrainian evacuees, the project for which AMDA had mainly been responsible since the crisis began.

          • AMDA Emergency Relief #2: Earthquake in Java, Indonesia

            Publication date:2022-12-12
            In response to the devastating earthquake that struck West Java, Indonesia, in late November, AMDA Indonesia dispatched a medical relief team to Cianjur Regency close to the epicentre.

            On 25 November, the team headed to the Tunggilis village in relief vehicles, one of the remote communities where no help had reached at the time. The relief personnel consisted of 19 aid workers from Ciawi Regional General Hospital in Bogor, West Java (five doctors, seven nurses,

            • AMDA Emergency Relief #1: Earthquake in Java, Indonesia

              Publication date:2022-11-28
              In response to the earthquake that struck Java Island in Indonesia on the afternoon of 21 November, AMDA Indonesia dispatched a medical relief team to Cianjur, the epicenter-regency in the West Java province.

              According to  BNPB, the national disaster authority, a magnitude 5.6 earthquake killed 272 people, leaving 2,061 people injured and 39 people missing. A total of around

              • AMDA Emergency Relief #2: Tropical Storm Nalgae (Paeng), Philippines

                Publication date:2022-11-22
                For two days starting on 13 November, AMDA jointly organized emergency relief with Kikkawa Co., Ltd. for the flood victims of tropical storm Nalgae (locally called Paeng) which pounded across the southern part of the Philippines. 

                In Zamboanga on the island of Mindanao, the joint relief team was initially planning to distribute foodstuffs such as rice, dried noodles, tinned sardines, corned beef, coffee and juice to some 500 local families. However, due to the greater demand, the team eventually supplied goods to around 800

                • AMDA Emergency Relief #1: Tropical Storm Nalgae (Paeng), Philippines

                  Publication date:2022-11-08

                  (Photo courtesy of Kikkawa Co., Ltd.)

                  In response to tropical storm Nalgae (locally called Paeng), which hit the Philippines’ Catanduanes island, AMDA will be assisting an aid distribution effort prompted by a private company in Japan. 

                  After making landfall on 29 October, the storm, which moved westward by the following day, battered several islands in the region. A torrential rainfall caused flooding in many areas, affecting around 2.42 million people in total, the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC) said on 1 November.

                  • AMDA Emergency Relief #35: Crisis in Ukraine

                    Publication date:2022-10-21


                    Since September, AMDA’s Japanese nurse has been working at a help center for Ukrainian evacuees in Beregsurany, a Hungarian village on the border with Ukraine. Also serving as a coordinator, she was sent to Hungary as AMDA’s 10th batch of relief personnel.

                    The nurse has been mainly checking the health condition of the evacuees, while referring patients that need proper medical attention to local partner organizations. They include the Order of Malta that manages the entire center,

                    • AMDA Emergency Relief #2: Floods in Pakistan

                      Publication date:2022-10-21
                      On 26 September, AMDA’s Japanese coordinator paid a visit to the head office of NRSP (National Rural Support Programme) in Hyderabad, Sindh Province, to discuss aid work in response to the severe flooding that devastated Pakistan. NRSP has worked with AMDA on a number of occasions over the years.

                      According to an NRSP official, Sindh suffered the heaviest damage in the country, leaving 747 people killed, 8,422 people injured, and 11.9 million people affected (of which about 7.2 million were displaced). 

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