Association of Medical Doctors of ASIA, founded in 1984, Consultative Status with UN ECOSOC since 1995

  • About AMDA

    Association of Medical Doctors of Asia, in short AMDA, is an international organization dedicated to realize a peaceful world community through humanitarian efforts in medical health care sector. Founded in Okayama City, Japan, in 1984, AMDA is a non-governmental, non-profit organization with an international network of 32 chapters and 47 collaborating organizations around the world.

  • From AMDA Group President, Dr. Shigeru Suganami

    It all started with a photo taken during WWII. This memorable encounter with a single photo is the root of my career as a medical doctor and my life-long humanitarian work. It was a photo of a young solider lying dead on a beach, his body half buried in the water.

  • How AMDA was founded

    In 1979 when the plight of Cambodian civil war refugees shocked the entire world, Dr. Suganami along with two medical students rushed to Thailand. They were driven by youthful enthusiasm and sense of commitment.

  • AMDA Group / Chapter / Club

    AMDA Group consists of 6 independent NGOs/NPOs.

  • Annual Report and other information about the organization

    Annual Report for this year, AMDA Charter, and awards received are described bellow.