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AMDA Emergency Relief #2: Jajarkot Earthquake, Nepal

Publication date:2023-11-21
AMDA Nepal organized relief activities in Jajarkot, Nepal, which was devastated by the magnitude 6.4 earthquake earlier this month. Jajarkot is located approximately 300 kilometres northwest of Kathmandu.
On 9 November, AMDA Nepal dispatched one coordinator to the following locations to distribute relief items. The activity sites were selected as the initial needs assessment revealed that no aid had reached the area at the time.
1) Nalgaad Municipality (Jajarkot):
After meeting the head of the 11th District in Nalgaad, the coordinator donated 50 blankets, 50 sheets of plastic tarps, and 50 mats to the evacuees.
2) Aathbiskot Municipality (Rukum Paschim):
Blankets, plastic tarps, and mats were distributed to 50 households in Aathbiskot, Rukum Paschim. The aforementioned head of the 11th District helped provide the relief supplies.
The activity report from the coordinator said: “Old houses at the disaster sites are no longer liveable due to the severe damage. For this reason, those who received the goods thanked AMDA Nepal so much for its aid distribution effort. Also, the head of the 11th District said that relief supplies were arriving from other aid organizations as well, and that he would start distributing them in the earliest possible convenience once they were sorted out.”
Hoping for the earliest recovery of the affected communities, the coordinator completed his mission and returned to Kathmandu. However, as cold days were expected to continue due to the arrival of winter, the coordinator told the district head that AMDA Nepal would be ready to provide additional assistance if needed.
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