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Responding to the Disaster of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines 5

Publication date:2013-11-23

In response to the Typhoon Haiyan which devastated the Philippines, AMDA has already sent four teams to respond to this disaster. Based on the assessment conducted by the AMDA's first team, with the support from our local counterpart "Philippine Rural Reconstruction Movement (PRRM)", the typhoon destroyed trees, fishing boats, houses, telephone poles, and many other buildings on Negros Island. The serious damage was caused to the coastal areas.

The cost of merchandise has increased in the island because they used to bring them from Leyte Island and now cannot bring them due to the devastation caused to the Leyte Island by the typhoon. The security has worsened, and the power outage has continued. PRRM distributed rice, instant noodles and canned goods to some barangays on coastal areas where the typhoon left great damage. They also gave out used clothing including children's wear to affected people.

AMDA's team also assessed situation in Panay Island where the typhoon left extensive devastation. Simply structured houses were totally destroyed. Even some concrete buildings, such as schools, markets and community gathering buildings, were collapsed or partially destroyed. Affected people are currently living in tents, crevice between the collapsed roof and ground or barracks that were recently built with simple materials. Trees and banana trees were broken from the roots. Telephone poles were destroyed and the power outage has continued on this island as well.

Building materials such as nails and wire to build temporary housing are insufficient. People are getting sick because medical assistance is lacking. Hygiene products, food and clothing are also in need. Based on this assessment, AMDA has determined to conduct medical relief and supply aids. One Indonesian doctor and one Pilipino coordinator plan to arrive on the Panay Island on November 19th, 2013.

The third team conducted assessment on Leyte Island. According to the Pilipino army which has been working in Ormoc City in Leyte Island, water purification, food with a long shelf life and the roof for temporary shelter are insufficient. In respond to the needs, AMDA purchased antibiotics, anti-inflammatory agents, wound treatment sets, and antidotes, sanitary items, nuts and dried fruits. AMDA also purchased chlorine to make emergency drinking water because there is no water purification tablet.

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