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AMDA Emergency Relief #3: Tropical Strom “Maring”, Philippines

Publication date:2021-11-25

Free medical consultations in progress

On 12 November, AMDA Philippines conducted a post-disaster reconstruction effort for the victims of the tropical storm “Maring” which devastated La Union Province in the north of Luzon last month.

Although the initial emergency relief was launched in the town of Luna, this time AMDA Philippines conducted the post-disaster assistance in San Juan which is also in the province. The program was held in collaboration with various supporters and organizations (as listed below).

At the event, besides free medical consultation and prescription services, AMDA Philippines provided relief items such as bread, biscuits, children's school supplies (stationery) and toys. Besides serving hot meals, a dance competition was also organized for this occasion. As a whole, 608 people from 110 households benefitted from this post-disaster assistance. 39 volunteers (including doctors, nurses and medical students) took part in running the activities.

Coupled with lockdown measures and other restrictions due to COVID-19, the extent of the typhoon has put an extra burden on people’s livelihood. However, many have rebuilt their houses and have gradually been regaining their normal life thanks to the support from their relatives and the municipal government.

AMDA Philippines Vice-Chairperson Dr. Erica Tania Davillo commented, "Our motivation for pursuing this activity is that this community and families experienced dual devastation: the effect of COVID-19 situation and the typhoon Maring. Many lost their livelihood because of the lockdowns and restrictions which their families are dependent on. Having a lot of individuals and organizations who are very much willing to help the community had given us the opportunity and strength to continue this mission to serve others to change lives and give them positive motivation in this present situation. Together We Can! Serve People To Change Lives!”

Food distribution

Children who received toys


List of organizations collaborated on this project:

Municipality of San Juan La Union, GoShare Foundation, National Bookstore Foundation, Pocari Sweat, Rotary Club Manila 101, Rotary Club San Juan La Union, PCOM (Philippine College of Occupational Medicine) Laguna, PCOM Makati, CT Apartelle, La Union Surf Club, Nail Station, Department of Education San Juan La Union, Philippine National Police San Juan
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