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AMDA Emergency Relief #10: Earthquake in Haiti

Publication date:2021-10-14

Even after the emergency response to the earlier quake ended in September, AMDA Haiti chairperson Dr. Mac Keven Fredric has been in discussion with the city officials of quake-hit Beaumont regarding a mid-to-long-term post-disaster reconstruction project.

In early October, AMDA Haiti and AMDA Headquarters carried out an additional relief effort after receiving the Beaumont city mayor’s inquiry who asked to extend support to the areas where aid had not yet reached.

On 9 October, AMDA Haiti’s relief team (a party of six including chairperson, one doctor, two nurses and others) entered the Aucentre district in Beaumont’s mountainous area. The city mayor also accompanied the team.

146 residents came to seek medical assistance in which the team offered treatment and medication as needed. The team also distributed a bag of foodstuffs and other items to 244 people and gave snack crackers to 58 children. The mayor said it was the first aid ever to reach the area since the quake struck on 14 August. The assistance was well received by the beneficiaries.

Although the emergency relief has ended, AMDA Headquarters and AMDA Haiti will continue to assess the feasibility of the aforementioned post-disaster assistance.


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