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AMDA Emergency Relief #3: Earthquake in Haiti

Publication date:2021-08-24

A team of medical personnel comprising the chapter chairperson, two doctors, one nurse, and two assistants from AMDA Haiti conducted emergency relief in Jeremie in the Grand’Anse Department and its outskirts in response to the earlier quake that battered much of southwestern Haiti.

Beaumont (19 August):

The team worked in Beaumont located an hour’s drive from Jeremie which suffered the heaviest damage in the peripheral areas. Many of the buildings were either fully destroyed or damaged, with several people losing their lives. The team secured a space at a town square to organize medical relief which saw 78 patients in total. As there was no doctor or nurse in the town in the first place, the treatment and medication seemed to have been a lot of help for the residents. The team also distributed 150 sets of relief supplies which consist of foodstuffs and daily necessities. The contents are as follows:
-Food items: rice, noodles, cooking oil, beans and sugar
-Miscellaneous goods: soap, toothbrushes, nappies and other sanitary supplies

Latiboliere (20 August):

On the following day, the team visited the town of Latiboliere in Jeremie City where a number of buildings were severely affected. Besides conducting medical relief which saw 93 patients as a whole, the team also donated 150 sets of relief supplies (foodstuffs and daily goods) as the day before. Just as Beaumont, AMDA Haiti’s medical services were well appreciated as there was no doctor present in the town.

The relief effort ended on the 20th. However, taking into account that many of the buildings, churches as well as the only public health office in the locality had been damaged throughout the city, AMDA is now considering further assistance. The team also reported that emergency needs had been still visible in many places it dropped by on the way back to Port-au-Prince. It seemed that both medical and food aid had still been insufficient.
According to the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), 2,189 deaths have been reported while 12,268 people were injured and 332 people have been missing as of the 18th. The number of affected households have reached 137,000 which amounts to 40 percent of the total population of three most-affected departments combined (including Grand’Anse).


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