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AMDA Emergency Relief #8: Typhoons Goni (Rolly) / Vamco (Ulysses), Philippines

Publication date:2020-12-10
On 30 November 2020, a joint relief team comprising AMDA, WiNDS and AMHOP Isabela conducted relief activities for the victims of the typhoon Vamco (Ulysses) in the province of Isabela which was hit hard by the tropical storm.

40 personnel including doctors, nurses and volunteers visited the town of Tumauini to work at Barangay Fermeldy which was one of the most affected districts in the region. Compared with other communities, the barangay was densely populated with 3,000 residents (600 households), which had made it difficult for aid organizations to provide sufficient assistance. To respond to such circumstances, the joint team decided to organize both medical relief and item distribution. For the latter, the team handed over its relief supplies to local collaborators, so that the items could be provided to the residents, combined with goods from other aid organizations, in the course of time. The contents of the items included foodstuffs and hygiene kits for 360 families. As for the medical relief, patients totalled 268 who were mostly suffering from respiratory diseases and skin infections.

After the relief activities ended that day, AMDA decided to complete the whole emergency response in Cagayan and Isabela which began in mid-November. Although the relief came to a close, the situation will be monitored for the time-being with its local partners.


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