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Publication date:2018-10-24

Dr. Mac Keven Frederic, Chairperson, AMDA-Haiti,

1-Name of the project:

Re: Earthquake Project

2-Place of implementation:

Re: This project was realized in the municipality of Gros- Morne in Haiti.

3-Project period:

Re: This project has realized Saturday 13 th October 2018

4-Dispatched personnel: Name and title

Re: For realizing this activity we have been engaged the following people:

a)    Dr. Mac keven Frederic, AMDA-Haiti, president
b)    Dr. Johnson Cayard, AMDA-Haiti, member
c)    Mr. Joseph Gertrand, AMDA-Haiti, volunteer
d)    Ms. Micheleine Charlus, AMDA-Haiti, volunteer
e)    Mr. Abdonel Dorvil, AMDA-Haiti, Volunteer, Guide
f)    Mr. Wismique Damus, AMDA-Haiti,  volunteer, Guide
g)    Mr. Josue Morissaint, AMDA-Haiti, Volunteer, Guide

5-Local counterparts: Name and title

Two Counselors of Administration of section communal, (CASECS of Gros-Morne), provided us one place to meet people affected with this earthquake and provided us also other volunteers to bring food.


6- Explanation of project activities:

Throughout its history, Haiti has suffered floods, hurricanes and earthquakes.  On Saturday of 6th October at 8:11 pm. One terrible earthquake of magnitude 5.9 struck the City of Port -de- Paix and Gros Morne. At least 12 people are killed and more than 200 injured and more than 700 hundreds houses have been collapsed.
AMDA HQ has recommanded AMDA-Haiti to send a staff of emergency relief to the areas affected.  The staff of AMDA-Haiti left Port au-Prince in the night of October 12th, stayed at the Hotel in the city of Gonaives and in the morning of 13 th left Gonaives to Gros Morne. When they arrived at Gros Morne, the team have meeting with the counselors of Admnistration of section communal of Gros Morne, (CASECS) we dicussed with them about the activities of AMDA has done in the world and in Haiti.

In the morning of October 13, The Staff distributed water, infant diapers, and female sanitary, Milk, Cereal, Pasta, sugar and some urgent medicine to the people of one affected area in Gros Morne. In the afternoon of October 13, we met and visited Dr Michel, the medical director of the public hospital in Gros Morne, Hospital Alma Mater. He said most of people injured have been referred to the Hospital La providence in Gonaives. One part of the Hospital has been damaged. We had meeting also with the catholic sister, Sr Marise Alcin, her high school has been collapsed also.


Messages from some people victims

According to the testimony of the Catholic Sister, Sr. Marise Alcin, she said the high school and elementary school that she manage, they are totally collapsed, she said she’ s waiting one NGO to help her.
According to Charles Jacqueline, a woman aged of 36 years, she said her house has been collapsed, she said she sleep every night in the street.
Ms. Roseline Morency a 56 years woman, she said she she couldn’ t die that was a miracle, she said her house has collapsed with her, from now she stays in a small camp in a near locality, named Macabon.
According to Adrien Sambert a 48 years man, he said he will become poorer, he said he needs food every day.
Mr Cetoute Presson a 77 years man, he said his house has been collapsed, he need a NGO to help him to rebuild his house.

In General, all people that we met would like to AMDA to help them and to stay there for more time. All people were very happy about the small food that we donated to them.

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