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Kerala State, India Flood Disaster Relief – Activity Report #4

Publication date:2018-09-01
On 30 August, the AMDA team distributed kitchen utensils to 90 families in Mnarthra in Pandanad, a district of Chengannur City, where the AMDA team had previously conducted a field survey of the disaster sites together with the Chengannur Rotary Club. When investigating the people’s needs, it was apparent that households had lost their kitchen utensils in the flooding. As the team chose the relief goods together with a local, they were able to obtain and distribute goods that the people really needed, such as a particular utensil used to make a local dish.

                      Shopping with a local                                        Kitchen utensils - Relief goods

            Puttu, a local dish made from ground                     Ladies lining up for food rations, holding 
                    rice and coconut (middle)
                            relief goods from AMDA

According to local media reports in Kerala, as of 30 August, the death toll had risen to at least 483. 15 people have been reported missing, and more than 59,000 people have been forced to take refuge in 305 relief camps throughout Kerala. As for agriculture, around 57,000 hectares of crops have been ruined. The estimated cost of the damage caused by this disaster has so far been estimated to be more than the state’s annual outlay. (Indo-Asian News Service report)

Next, the AMDA team have been assessing a village called Mulakuzha in the Piralassery district, three to four kilometres from central Chengannur. Approximately 28 families live there, and the majority of workers there are day labourers. As the ground level in the village is lower than the main road, it is said that the water level rose above the rooves of some of the houses

One doctor from AMDA India on 29th and one coordinator from AMDA Nepal on 31st joined the AMDA team in India. Together, they will continue to consider how to best support those affected.
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