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AMDA Emergency Relief for Kumamoto Earthquake 3

Publication date:2016-04-18
City of Soja and AMDA joint team continues the work in the disaster stricken town of Mashiki. The town’s Emergency Operation Center was set up at Community Health and Welfare Center. Some of the evacuees at this center were relocated to Hiroyasu Elementary School. Endless aftershocks forcing more residents of the area flee their homes to the evacuation shelters.

Some evacuees at the shelter had to be treated against tetanus for the nail wound. There were people who had flu-like symptoms.

At the Emergency Operation Center, local JMAT (Japan Medical Association Team) in Kumamoto, DMAT (Disaster Medical Assistance Team), JPA (Japan Pharmaceutical Association) and AMDA have gathered together to discuss and share the information, and coordinating among those organizations have started.

City of Soja team at Hiroyasu Nishi Elementary School supported the evacuees by distributing supplies, and later on joined AMDA team. Also, one nurse from Saitama has joined AMDA team.

Due to the high medical needs, AMDA decided on dispatching the second medical team, consisting of two medical doctors. They are to reach the disaster-stricken Mashiki-machi on April 17th.

    •  2016