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AMDA Emergency Relief #9: The Noto Peninsula Earthquake, Japan

Publication date:2024-01-15
On 12 January, AMDA conducted the assessment to determine the evacuees that urgently required cardboard beds at Wajima Junior High School, an evacuation shelter in quake-hit Wajima, Ishikawa Prefecture. A pair of doctor and pharmacist spent 12 hours going around the shelter to grasp who needed them, and managed to cover about 2/3 of the three-story school building. Plans are also underway to provide cardboard beds to every single evacuee in the course of time.

At AMDA’s medical post at the school, a total of 42 people dropped by that day, of which 20 were infected with viral infections (three COVID-19 and six infectious gastroenteritis cases). The number has been decreasing since 11 January as people can now wash hands thanks to the resumption of water supply.

On the other hand, the number of people that require medical assistance are expected to increase, especially among medical staff and local government workers that have been engaged in the relief work from the outset of the disaster. 

For instance, while there are more than 550 people evacuated at Wajima Junior High School, the nurses have been taking care of those that require nursing care as well. As they have been assisting them with toileting and hydration, the strenuous nature of their work has gradually been taking its toll on them. 

Meanwhile, AMDA will be sending its sixth relief team (two doctors) on 16 January.
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