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  • Visit to India #5: Division of Labor as an Indian Norm

    Publication date:2021-03-03
    By Dr. Shigeru Suganami
    President, AMDA International

    Ms. Babita Kumari at the workshop

    At 11AM on 13 November 2019, a personal hygiene workshop was held in the quarters of Japan India Friendship Medical Center (JIFMC) for the residents of the adjacent Danpur village in the suburb of Bodhgaya, Bihar. JIFMC has been collaborating with AMDA on local humanitarian initiatives in the region. The event was co-organized by AMDA and Ecoles de la Terre, a charity organization led by Mr. Rajesh who happens to live nearby.

    • Visit to India #4: From Helmet Distribution to Disaster Relief

      Publication date:2021-02-10
      By Dr. Shigeru Suganami
      President, AMDA International

      With the members of Bodhgaya Rotary Club
      before the event

      On the afternoon of 12 November 2019, we organized a helmet distribution campaign for local motorbike riders in Bodhgaya, Bihar. It marked the second occasion following the previous year’s success, and likewise, our partner was Bodhgaya Rotary Club that had collaborated with us. What prompted us to hold it for the second time was the media coverage we received in the previous event. After being featured in local newspapers and TV news, people seemed to have grown familiar with AMDA: an impression which was evident in the direct feedback I received from the local people.

      • Visit to India #3: AMDA Award

        Publication date:2021-02-03
        By Dr. Shigeru Suganami,  President, AMDA International

        Mr. Vikram (right)

        At 11am on 11 November 2019, I paid a visit to Jeanamitabh Boarding School in Bodhgaya whose students are of destitute communities. The school director is 52 year-old Mr. Vikram who, surprisingly, never blinks when he has a talk with someone else. For most of the reserved Japanese, one may turn one’s eyes away from his unswerving gaze. But I find his to be very likeable that I return my glance to him in the same manner.

        His motive for founding this school dates back to the time

        • Visit to India #2: The Present Life and the Afterlife (4th-19th November 2019)

          Publication date:2020-07-02
          By Dr. Shigeru Suganami
          President, AMDA International

          A water pump set at the elderly home

          In the afternoon of 8 November 2019, I visited the Suripur village in the suburb of Bodhgaya in Bihar, India. Upon my visit, I tasked myself to fulfill three purposes.

          First, it was to observe whether the agricultural water pump which we donated had been used properly or not. It turned out that it was well appreciated by the villagers, and as a proof I saw fresh green paddies into which abundant water was poured from the pump.

          Second, there was another pump that I needed to check. While back, we donated it to a nursing home run by a former

          • AMDA International Conference for Asian Chapters

            Publication date:2016-12-20

            AMDA International Conference for Asian Chapters took place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on Dec. 1st and 2nd.  The participants of the conference included AMDA chapter representatives from 11 Asian countries, the delegation from GPSP Philippines and staff from AMDA Headquarters. The main theme of the conference was “Mission of Sogo-Fujo” which encompasses five pillars of present AMDA activities, namely Global Partnership for Sustainable Peace(GPSP), Asia Network for Disaster, Medical Platform for the Global Community, AMDA Platform for Great Natural Disasters in Japan, and Triple A Partnership Program.

            • New Form of Medical Collaboration

              Publication date:2015-11-12
              Today, due to the eastward shift of the world’s wealth, many Asian nations have achieved significant economic growth resulting in the uplift of health-care awareness level and upgrading of their national medical care system.  A good example would be the case of Nepal.  When Nepal was hit by a deadly earthquake this April, Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital, the stronghold of the nation’s health-care system , had declined assistance from overseas,

              • Nepal Earthquake

                Publication date:2015-06-18
                The earthquake that hit Nepal on Apr. 25th has been a grim reminder of the human fragility against the power of recurring natural disasters.
                The death toll largely due to the collapsed buildings has kept increasing and it has topped 8,600 as of mid-May and the number of affected people is said to be more than 4.2 million.
                The traditional brick-buildings in the densely populated capital account for the mass casualty of the earthquake.  Water supply and sewer systems were destroyed by the devastating tremor creating poor sanitary condition deteriorated further by the lack of food and water. 

                • AMDA's 30th Anniversary

                  Publication date:2015-01-01
                  This year I would like to start the new year by extending my profound gratitude to all my friends and supporters. AMDA celebrated its 30th anniversary last year. Nobody could have imagined that a simple aspiration of a young man would develop into a well-established international NGO with 30 chapters and numerous partners around the world. It took 30 years of unfaltering commitment and assistance by the entire AMDA community, its partners and supporters. It is the spirit of "Open Sogo-Fujo"* that has united these people of various backgrounds to help people in need. No word can be enough to thank all friends and donors who have made AMDA what it is today.

                  • Freedom

                    Publication date:2014-01-01
                    Last November, Japan Medical Association asked me to write an article on disaster relief activities. In this article I have touched on the concept of 'professional freedom' in the medical field. This was the life-long philosophy of one of our former presidents of Japan Medical Association. Much has been said on this topic but I believe that 'professional freedom' calls for proactive action that comes from the autonomy each medical doctor is entitled to. It is proactive freedom, freedom to act on one's conscience and reason in order to save lives and build healthy community around the world.

                    • AMDA & AMSA

                      Publication date:2013-10-01
                      Youthful energy permeated the Asian Medical Students Conference, in short AMSC, which took place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, this summer. As the founder of AMSC, I had the honor of addressing the audience at the conference. AMDA and AMSA share the same origin. Though the story has been told on many occasions, when explaining about AMSA, the story is virtually inevitable. It was in 1979 when I along with two medical students was dispatched to Thailand by a Japanese organization of medical students. Our mission was to offer medical assistance to Cambodians who at that time fled their own country to escape to the refugee camps in Thailand. As a complete novice in the field of international humanitarian assistance, without any reliable reference or local contact, we were not only denied the opportunity of carrying out our mission but were not even allowed to visit the camp. The disheartening experience led to the establishment of Asian Medical Students’ Conference in 1980, and later in 1984 to the formation of Asian network of medical professionals, known as AMDA, Association of Medical Doctors of Asia, and AMSA, Association of Medical Students of Asia. To do good in our community, whether local, regional or global, we need the network of those sharing in the same spirit. This is the root upon which these two organizations were built.

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