Association of Medical Doctors of ASIA, founded in 1984, Consultative Status with UN ECOSOC since 1995

Annual Report and other information about the organization

Annual Report for this year, AMDA Charter, and awards received are described bellow.


AMDA Annual Report


Awards given to AMDA

Foreign Minister of Japan’s Commendation (July, 1993)
Oyama Encouragement Award from Oyama Health Foundation (March, 1994)
Public Health Award from The Dai-ichi Life Insurance Company, Limited (July, 1994)
Okayama City Award from Okayama City (November, 1994)
The 28th Okayama Prefectural Dr.Miki Memorial Award (August, 1995)
The 2nd Yomiuri International Cooperation Award (October 1995)
The 25th Mainichi Newspaper Welfare Award
The 7th Mainichi International Exchange Award
The 54th Sanyo Newspaper Award (January, 1996)
Japan Minister of Health and Welfare Award (August, 1996)
Special Award from the Softka EconomicFoundation, Japan(October, 1996)
The Second Okinawa Peace Prize from Okinawa Prefecture (October, 2004)
Japan Minister of State for Disaster Management Award (September, 2005)

Awards given to AMDA Group President

The Second United Nations Boutros Ghali Award(September, 1995)
The 34th Okayama Prefectural Dr.Miki Memorial Award (September, 2001)
The 37th Eiji Yoshikawa Culture Award (April, 2003)
2007 Mahatma Gandhi Humanitarian Award in India (November 2007)
Gusi Peace Prize 2007 in the Philippines (November 2007)

AMDA Charter

For people who live in a feeling of alienation from other people, AMDA was established, pursuant to Law to Promote Specified Nonprofit Activities, to foster and expand the global network of partnership for peace. To aim the contribution for global peace with coexistence of diversity, we engage its cooperative projects with the spirit of Sogo-Fujo project.

Profile of Dr. Shigeru Suganami, the President of AMDA Group

Shigeru Suganami, Doctor
Date of Birth: 29 Decemebr, 1946
Place of Birth: Kannabe-cyo, Fukuyama-city, Hiroshima
Place of Residence: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia