Association of Medical Doctors of ASIA, founded in 1984, Consultative Status with UN ECOSOC since 1995

How AMDA was founded

In 1979 when the plight of Cambodian civil war refugees shocked the entire world, Dr. Suganami along with two medical students rushed to Thailand. They were driven by youthful enthusiasm and sense of commitment.

They simply wanted to offer medical assistance to these Cambodian refugees. But their good intentions were not welcomed and they were not even given a single chance to visit the refugees.

Through this disappointing incident Dr. Suganami learned the importance of networking with various organizations and people. Only by gathering all needed information from the affected region and only by cooperating with local as well as other organizations can an effective and timely assistance be implemented.

During his past trips to Asia and on other occasions, he had befriended many fellow medical students and professionals of several Asian countries.

He called upon them to form an organization that would enable them to take part in humanitarian actions. This was the beginning of our organization.