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AMDA Emergency Relief #1: Jajarkot Earthquake, Nepal

Publication date:2023-11-14
In response to the earthquake that struck Nepal on 3 November 2023, AMDA Nepal has launched emergency relief in Jajarkot, the epicentre which is approximately 300 kilometres northwest of Kathmandu, the capital. Severe sways and frequent aftershocks have destroyed many buildings, forcing local residents to take refuge in nearby squares. According to local authorities, at least 157 people have been killed as of 5 November.
Based on their initial needs assessment which was conducted in collaboration with a local counterpart, the staff members of AMDA Nepal and AMDA Headquarters decided to organize an item distribution effort in the affected region. Because the cold season has arrived, the relief goods will include blankets and plastic tarps to keep the evacuees warm.
On 9 November, one coordinator from AMDA Nepal left for Jajarkot. Upon arrival at the disaster site, the coordinator will be working with Narhari Nath Yogi Foundation, a social aid organization active in the region.

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