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AMDA Haiti organizes relief activities for IDPs

Publication date:2023-11-08
On 5 September 2003, AMDA Haiti organized a program to support internally displaced persons (IDPs) that fled escalating gang violence and sought refuge in makeshift camps in Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti. In recent years, Haiti has been facing difficulties in maintaining security due to its political stalemate, in which criminal groups have been increasingly gaining control over the nation. 

In fear of frequent killings and arsons, many people have been taking shelter in refugee camps set up in Port-au-Prince. However, the living conditions in the camps are said to be extremely harsh. Coupled with the shortages of food, water, and medicine, poor sanitation has been contributing to the spread of diseases among the refugees.

In response to such a dire situation, AMDA Haiti sent aid workers to the camps to provide medical assistance and food supplies.


From 7 to 10 September, the AMDA-Haiti team visited three camps in Port-au-Prince to carry out relief work. By collaborating with camp operators at each location, the team treated a total of 654 patients (488 adults and 166 children), while offering medicine and drinking water. Ailments such as fever, diarrhea, asthma, hypertension, and stomachaches were commonly seen among the patients.

AMDA Haiti’s assistance was well received by the refugees, as many of them had no money to buy medicine or water. They expressed their hopes for the relief activities to be continued, with many calling for the project to be held at different camps as well.
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