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AMDA Emergency Relief #5: Earthquake in Morocco

Publication date:2023-10-03
Responding to the catastrophic earthquake that struck Morocco’s southwestern regions on 8 September, AMDA’s two Japanese nurses worked with international health specialist Shifaa Foundation to provide aid to affected communities.

On 26 September, the joint relief team (including seven doctors from Shifaa) paid a visit to Anebdur, a remote village near the epicentre. The village was located three hours’ drive from Marrakesh. Upon arrival, the team began providing medical services to around 100 people (70 adults and 30 children) at a local evacuation tent. 

AMDA’s nurses primarily took charge of blood pressure tests and external injury treatment. As the team accompanied orthopaedic specialists this time, patients who required plasters received appropriate care, with the orthopaedics applying the casts on the spot. Also, for elderly residents who had difficulty in coming to the tent, the team conducted home visits to see if anyone needed assistance. 

On 27 September, the team visited Ait Moulay Ali, which was located one hour and thirty minutes’ drive from Marrakesh. The team conducted similar activities as the previous day, providing medical assistance to approximately 1,000 patients at a local nursery school that had been used as a community emergency hub. To address the high volume of patients, additional doctors were sent later on. A total of 12 doctors participated in the relief effort, ensuring the smooth operation of activities.

After that, AMDA decided to complete the relief work as emergency needs had been getting less in accordance with the passing of time. The two nurses left Morocco on 29 September and returned to Japan on the following day.
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