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​AMDA Emergency Relief #3: Earthquake in Morocco

Publication date:2023-09-26
AMDA’s relief workers (two nurses) have been collaborating with Shifaa Foundation in Morocco to extend a helping hand to the victims of a magnitude 6.8 earthquake that struck the nation’s Al Haouz region in the Atlas Mountains on 8 September. The two have been engaged in the relief work since their arrival from Japan on 14 September.

Relief supplies such as daily necessities and medical items have been accumulated at Shifaa Foundation’s warehouse closely located to Marrakesh Airport. Having been an international health specialist, the foundation has been based in the area for their daily operations. As of now, the donations have been arriving from both home and abroad.

On 20 September, AMDA’s aid workers helped sort the relief goods with the foundation’s staff members. Especially with medicines such as antibiotics and fever reducers, they categorized them by type and expiration date. Likewise, they specified the storing spaces for hygiene items such as gauze dressings and disinfectants for their further convenience.

On 21 September, AMDA’s staffers paid a visit to the village of Tifirte near the epicentre, with five doctors from Shifaa Foundation. It took the joint team four hours’ drive to reach the location. The villagers received medical care provided by the team at a local nursery, while children drew pictures at a makeshift tent under the guidance of psychiatrists.

The children seemed cheerful at a glance. However, their pictures reminded the psychiatrists the need for their mental care as there were scenes of collapsed buildings and the faces of the injured portrayed in them.

Although damaged buildings and emergency tents were still present, the aid workers witnessed a glimpse of post-disaster reconstruction while on the move, where heavy machines were removing debris and paving roads.
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