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​AMDA Emergency Relief #2: Earthquake in Morocco

Publication date:2023-09-20
As of 15 September, AMDA’s two aid workers have been coordinating relief work in Marrakesh, Morocco, to help the victims impacted by the magnitude 6.8 quake that struck the nation’s southwestern regions on 8 September. 

After arriving in Casablanca from Japan on 14 September, the two relocated themselves to Marrakesh for the further needs assessment. On the way to Marrakesh, the team learned that relief supplies such as food and water had been relatively secured after coming across emergency tents and trucks at distribution points. However, locals have said that blankets and warm clothes will be needed as disaster sites are mostly located in the Atlas Mountains.

Since 15 September, the AMDA team has been coordinating further relief work in Marrakesh with several local aid organizations. Because the Moroccan authorities have not permitted foreign aid givers to work alone within the country, AMDA has decided to carry out the relief work by assisting local partners.

The onsite assessment has revealed that, during the past week, people with injuries, ailments, and chronic illnesses have been given emergency medical care. As time passes, some patients have been taken care of for their worsened conditions and symptoms. Psychiatrists have also been seen working hand in hand with medical workers to respond to people with PTSD.

Meanwhile, multipurpose tents have been set up not only for providing shelter to evacuees but also for storing relief items such as foodstuffs, clothing, and hygiene goods. A tent to be used for children’s schooling was seen as well. With portable toilets and solar generators having been put in place, it is expected that the shift to post-disaster reconstruction will be accelerated.

*AMDA decided to forgo the dispatch of medical personnel from AMDA Nepal given the current state of affairs. 
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