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AMDA Emergency Relief #39: Crisis in Ukraine

Publication date:2023-08-16
AMDA has been continuously providing assistance to those who have been forced to face the humanitarian crisis in Ukrainian war zones. As of now, AMDA is working with the following aid organizations based in Hungary and Ukraine.

1. “Varda Hagyomanyorzo, Kulturalis Egyesulet” (Hungary)

 “Varda Hagyomanyorzo, Kulturalis Egyesulet” (Varda) is a Hungarian aid organization active in the areas that are on the border with Ukraine. It has provided medical supplies, foodstuffs, and fuel to medical facilities in Ukraine’s western regions.

In addition, the organization also provides relief items to 110 children who were evacuated from an orphanage in Dnipro. When this relief project started, the children could not fully trust people around them because of what they had experienced during the conflict. However, as they became accustomed to the new environment, a welcoming atmosphere became increasingly palpable.

2. MedSpot (Hungary)

MedSpot worked with AMDA from March to October 2022 at a help centre for Ukrainian evacuees in Beregsurany, Hungary. The organization launched mobile medical services in November of that year by using an ambulance to visit the western part of Ukraine. 

Currently, a team of volunteer doctors, nurses, and psychologists has been seeing around 100 to 155 patients every 24 to 48 hours. The patients include both children and adults. Through MedSpot, AMDA has been distributing medical supplies and food items, as well as providing fuel for the ambulance.

3. St. Michael’s Center for Medical and Social Rehabilitation of Children (Ukraine)

St. Michael’s Center for Medical and Social Rehabilitation of Children (“St. Michael’s” for short) is a general paediatric hospital that specializes in children’s medical rehabilitation. Presently, children with disabilities and their families from various parts of Ukraine have been seeking refuge there. 

Through St. Michael’s, AMDA has been providing medical assistance and supplies to children who are suffering from psychological trauma stemming from the ongoing conflict. AMDA also donates food items to the facility.

As prices of medicine also surged due to the current price hike, getting appropriate medical care has become a challenge for many. This is why AMDA has been striving to provide medical services (including expensive dental procedures) free of charge to the evacuees.

4. Dynasty Medical Centre (Ukraine) 

Because of fierce battles that occurred in Kharkiv, a significant number of people residing around Dynasty Medical Centre have been unable to escape, thereby living a tough daily life.

Through Dynasty Medical Centre, AMDA has been providing comprehensive support to local residents, which includes medical care and the distribution of essential items. AMDA has succeeded in addressing the medical needs of locals who are unable to afford medical treatment or surgery. 

One example is a young mother who requires specialized medical attention. If it weren’t for AMDA’s support, she said it would have been impossible to continue receiving the appropriate care. In fact, she was at a loss as to what help she could depend on in the midst of her financial difficulties.

Feeling somewhat at ease for now and being in good shape, she said, “I was given the chance to survive and live with my daughter thanks to AMDA and its supporters in Japan.”

Moreover, aid workers from Dynasty Medical Centre have been regularly visiting elderly homes and facilities for children with disabilities on a weekly basis. This way, none of their residents need to travel to the centre for medical consultations.

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