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​AMDA Emergency Relief #4: Floods in Pakistan

Publication date:2023-07-04
As a follow-up project to support the victims of the large-scale flooding that struck Pakistan in 2022, last month, Baqai Medical University organized a week-long medical/dental camp in Shigar Valley, Skardu in the nation’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province (KPK). 

The university, which is under the management of the Baqai Foundation, is headed by Dr. Shoaib Baqai who also serves as chapter chairperson for AMDA Pakistan. Since the outset of the flood disaster, AMDA Headquarters has collaborated with its Pakistani counterpart on emergency relief activities in Moro, Thatta, and Gharo, all of which are located in Sindh Province. Between October and December 2022, aid workers from the Baqai-AMDA joint relief team extended a helping hand to the flood victims by carrying out mobile clinic and item distribution efforts.

This time, medical and dental consultations were offered under the name of “Free Medical and Dental Camp” for a week in Shigar Valley. The camp, which began on 19 June, was successfully completed on 25 June.

During these activities, the camp was visited by 250 or more patients, in which general outpatient consultations and check-ups were offered for free. With specialist doctors and medical staff responding to various patient needs, medicines were also provided at no cost to those who requested them.

Among those who rendered support to this post-disaster medical assistance were the district commissioner and other well-respected personalities in the locality.

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