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AMDA Emergency Relief #1: Cavite Fire in the Philippines

Publication date:2023-06-01

In response to a large scale fire that razed a residential area in Cavite City, Philippines, on 26 April 2023, AMDA Philippines conducted emergency relief activities with its partner organizations. Cavite is located southwest of Manila, the nation’s capital.

According to local reports as of 29 April, around 1,000 families were affected by the disaster, forcing many of them to take shelter in a local primary school. After the initial disaster assessment was made, AMDA Philippines began relief work with its partner organizations on 7 May. (For details regarding the collaborating partners, please refer to the list at the end of this article.)

The joint emergency relief was based around free medical consultation services. Including both the chapter chairperson and vice-chairperson of AMDA Philippines, a team of 24 staff members (14 doctors, three nurses, one pharmacist, and six volunteers - including students) saw a total of 1,089 patients during the aid work. 

The joint medical team provided medicine and multivitamin supplements to patients with chronic symptoms such as hypertension, diabetes, and rheumatic joint pain, who accounted for the largest part. 

Other patients included those who complained of anxieties stemming from their concerns about rebuilding their lives after the disaster, or fears of possible epidemics, which could occur due to the prolonged evacuation at the shelter. Meanwhile, respiratory infections, skin rashes, and allergies were seen among children. 

It is also noteworthy that the team successfully managed to find patients with alleged tuberculosis cases and referred them to local health authorities.

In addition, as part of mental care for 55 children at the shelter, the team entertained them with games and picture-colouring, providing snacks and sweets for their peace of mind.

Looking back on the emergency relief, Dr. Elrey Navarro, who heads AMDA Philippines, gave the following comment:

“With the recent community outreach initiatives by AMDA Philippines and AMDA International Headquarters, in partnership with our stakeholders, it was exemplified once again that NO ONE IS LEFT BEHIND that the Bayanihan (mutual assistance) spirit remains alive in the hearts of Filipinos even in times of disasters. 

“Our student volunteers expressed that “we experience a different kind of happiness if you help voluntarily.”

“Patients expressed their gratitude during our photo and video ops and told us that they were blessed to know that some people still think of them during these trying times and are willing to help them without expecting something in return. 

“AMDA Philippines thanked the 24 volunteers who came and chose to share their time, effort, and even resources for the individuals and families affected by the fire calamity. Our sincerest appreciation to our AMDA Headquarters and all partner organizations that made this activity a success.”


Partner organizations: 

-Municipality of Cavite 
-PMSA (Philippine Medical Students Association) 
-LIONS Paranaque's Finest 101 
-PCOM (Philippine College of Occupational Medicine) Makati Chapter 
-PCOM (Philippine College of Occupational Medicine) Laguna Chapter 
-OTSUKA Pocari Sweat 
-Southoverlanding Crew Ph 
-Family and Community Medicine Perpetual Help Medical Center-Binan 
-Rotary Club of Raha Sulayman Volunteer Firefighters Inc. 
-Barangay Moonwalk Paranaque City

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