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AMDA Emergency Relief #38: Crisis in Ukraine

Publication date:2023-05-24
Between 15 and 20 May 2023, two AMDA staff members visited Hungary to discuss further assistance for Ukrainian evacuees with its four local counterparts active in both Hungary and Ukraine. AMDA has extended a helping hand to those who sought refuge immediately after the outset of the crisis, sending 14 relief personnel in total for the relief work.

This time, the two met with the members of the aforementioned partner organizations in succession. The concerned parties convened meetings to assess the current situation, seeking feasible ways to sustain assistance.

On 15 March, a meeting was held with the staff members of MedSpot, a Hungarian medical organization. From March to October 2022, the organization worked with AMDA at a help center for evacuees in Beregsurány located on the border with Ukraine. As of now, it has been extending support to five evacuation shelters in Ukraine. Sharing the information regarding MedSpot’s medical assistance, two parties discussed the provision of medicine and other necessary items to help the evacuees maintain their health on their own.

On 16 March, the AMDA personnel met with the representatives of “Varda Hagyomanyorzo, Kulturalis Egyesulet” (hereafter referred to as “Varda”) in Kisvárda, which is also located near the border. Varda is a Hungarian humanitarian medical organization that has collaborated with AMDA since March 2022. 

Varda said the circumstances surrounding Ukrainian citizens seeking shelter within the country remain much the same as the year before. AMDA learned that, 1) daily necessities are still hard to obtain in Ukraine because the factories have been run at limited capacity, 2) job opportunities have been scarce, and 3) the ongoing economic stalemate makes it even more challenging for homeowners to rebuild their houses after the severe bombardment and destruction. 

Moreover, Varda officials told AMDA that although the two parties have been jointly delivering medical supplies to hospitals in Ukraine, restrictions have recently been imposed on the transfer of goods from Hungary.

On 17 March, a meeting with held with representatives of two Ukrainian organizations, namely, St. Michael’s Center for Medical and Social Rehabilitation of Children, and Dynasty Medical Centre. (The talks took place in Hungary.) 

The officials of both organizations said that, 1) life is far from being normalized in Ukraine due to missile attacks and bombings, and 2) the extent of the aggression has been causing various ailments and disabilities including hearing difficulties. Hearing that the two organizations have been doing their utmost to fulfill the vital needs of evacuees under such circumstances (including medical relief and food distribution), AMDA conveyed its willingness to continue providing assistance.

On 18 March, AMDA personnel visited a local kindergarten that has been accepting Ukrainian children for the first time since their last visit in October 2022. The principal, teachers, and pupils wholeheartedly welcomed them, with some remembering their last visit seven months ago. 

Seeing both Hungarian and Ukrainian children spending time together strongly reminded AMDA staff members that there is no border line that sets these children apart. The teachers said they try to give as much love as they can to make up for the absence of their fathers, who are remaining in Ukraine. Such an act of benevolence deeply impressed AMDA representatives.

Setting the paths forward, they concluded the trip with a tangible outcome.
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