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AMDA Emergency Relief #11: Earthquakes in T端rkiye

Publication date:2023-03-13
In response to the devastating earthquakes that hit Türkiye on 6 February, AMDA has carried out emergency relief activities in Adiyaman and other affected areas. For this mission, AMDA has dispatched two doctors, two nurses and one coordinator since 11 February. 

By collaborating with the Turkish Medical Association (TTB) and other local doctors’ organizations, AMDA’s relief team has conducted health-related consultations and item distribution in affected communities.

Mid-to-long-term post-quake reconstruction in sight:

On 5 March, AMDA’s relief team met with the chairmen of the doctors’ associations of Adiyaman and Istanbul. The team thanked both parties for the support they rendered, and gave updates on the relief activities thus far.

Although a month has already passed, and even with the Turkish authorities’ move to provide truck containers for temporary housing, it has been a shared view that post-disaster reconstruction would take a substantial amount of time. 

Based on this assumption, AMDA will be providing support to post-disaster rehabilitation efforts led by Adiyaman’s doctors’ association. By keeping close contact with the organization, AMDA is hoping to offer coherent assistance from now on.

Paying a courtesy visit to the Japanese consulate in Istanbul:

On 6 March, before leaving Türkiye, a doctor and a nurse from AMDA’s relief team paid a courtesy visit to the Consulate General of Japan in Istanbul. They reported to Mr. Kenichi Kasahara, the Consul General, about AMDA’s aid work which began immediately after the quake struck.
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