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AMDA Emergency Relief #08: Earthquakes in T端rkiye

Publication date:2023-03-01
Following the dispatch of the first relief team, AMDA has recently sent the second team of aid workers to quake-hit Türkiye. The second team is comprised of one doctor from Japan and one nurse from the Netherlands. 

With the help of the Turkish Medical Association (TTB) and other local doctors’ associations, AMDA’s first relief team began their work on 11 February by conducting health-related consultations and item distribution efforts.

As of now, while the doctor of the second team is still on his way to Türkiye, the nurse from the Netherlands has already begun working in the country after arriving on the 24th.

Upon arrival in Türkiye, the AMDA nurse met with the nurse from the first team. A local supporter taking charge of interpreting, driving and liaison work joined them as well.

On 25 February, after visiting local doctors in Adiyaman, the three went around tents of the evacuees in the city to check their health. 

One couple told the team that they were under a lot of stress from losing close ones and worries over their collapsing house. In fear of a lack of exercise stemming from prolonged evacuation life, the nurse told them to consciously move their bodies to avoid deep-vein thrombosis (DVT).

As for a patient who had chronic asthma, it was feared that the dust from the rubble would worsen the symptoms. The nurse advised the patient to wear a face mask as needed.

Meanwhile in Japan, the aforementioned doctor left Okayama on 27 February to join the preceding team. “I would like to be on the side of the evacuees and see what I can do for them,” he said. The doctor is expected to arrive in Türkiye on the morning of the 28th.

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