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AMDA Emergency Relief #02: Earthquakes in T端rkiye

Publication date:2023-02-17
On the afternoon of 12 February, AMDA’s aid workers from Japan arrived in Istanbul, Türkiye (Turkey), for the quake response. The team is comprised of one doctor, one nurse, and one coordinator (of Turkish origin).

After moving to Ankara, the capital, the next day, the team paid a visit to the Turkish Medical Association (TTB). AMDA was introduced to the organization through the Japan Medical Association (JMA) that rendered assistance at the start of this mission.

There, the team met with TTB president Dr. ebnem Korur Fincanc脹 to hand a letter and relief donation from JMA, and was briefed on the extent of the disaster as of late.

On the afternoon of 14 February, the team relocated itself to Adana in the south to visit the local doctors’ association that has been carrying out relief work. Both the organization and AMDA agreed to support each other to the best of their capabilities for this humanitarian initiative.

Requested by the aforementioned Adana organization, the AMDA team moved to Kahramanmara, a disaster-hit province located three hours’ drive, to deliver relief items. Through two doctors working at the site, goods such as bedding, tents and electric heaters will be provided to local residents who have been forced to endure difficult circumstances.

Although it was reported that the day-time temperature rose to 15 degrees Celsius that day, the team said it reached sub-zero during the night time.


Meanwhile, AMDA Indonesia has also sent one anesthetist to Turkey to join a emergency relief team led by the Indonesian government. The team has been active in Hatay Province in which it set up a temporary medical tent for evacuees.

According Turkish disaster management authority AFAD, 31,643 people have been confirmed dead, and approximately 160,000 people have been displaced as of 13 February.
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