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【Message from AMDA for New Year 2023】

Publication date:2022-12-28
Soon after the year 2022 began, a humanitarian crisis occurred in Ukraine. Still now, many people have been forced to take refuge under the cold skies. Through emergency relief activities held in response to this dire situation, AMDA has witnessed both the preciousness and fragility of peace with many people on the ground. 

Aside from this, there were natural disasters in Pakistan, the Philippines and Indonesia that affected the lives of millions as well. In flood-stricken Pakistan, one-third of the country was submerged. The typhoon that stormed the Philippines left many people displaced. In Indonesia, a huge earthquake brought about tremendous damage to Java and its peripheral areas. 

On one hand, what allowed us to respond to these calamities was AMDA’s global network that was formed under the principle of Sogo-Fujo, a Japanese term for mutual assistance. This is indeed a feat that cannot be accomplished by ourselves alone, and words are not enough to express how grateful we have been for your kind support thus far.

Last but not least, we will continue to strive for the realization of a peaceful world in 2023. Your continued assistance and guidance would be very much appreciated.

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