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AMDA Emergency Relief #36: Crisis in Ukraine

Publication date:2022-12-28

1) Shifting to local-driven relief efforts

AMDA has recently commissioned its Hungarian and Ukrainian local counterparts to primarily run the relief activities for Ukrainian evacuees, the project for which AMDA had mainly been responsible since the crisis began.

Between the months of March and October, AMDA dispatched 14 aid workers in total to help the evacuees that fled Ukraine to take refuge in neighbouring Hungary. The relief work included provision of daily supplies, medical goods and medical services in both Hungary and Ukraine. 

However, having the protracted war situation in sight, AMDA decided to let the local counterparts take the initiative in conducting the overall aid work. The decision came after AMDA discussed matters with Hungarian NGO Varda Hagyomanyorzo, Kulturalis Egyesulet, along with two medical institutions in Ukraine for a viable path forward. 

As the latter two Ukrainian organizations newly signed a formal partnership agreement with AMDA for this cause, AMDA’s main role from now on will be to assist humanitarian efforts by the three organizations. 

2) Relief work within Ukrainian territories

As winter set in, AMDA donated two units of air conditioners to a local medical facility in Ukraine in November. Meanwhile, one of the two local counterparts conducted food distribution activities in a regional city, delivering foodstuffs such as pasta and cooking oil to 20 local families. 

Furthermore, AMDA donated a power generator to the said medical facility at the beginning of December to counter the power outages, which have troubled the residents in using lighting and heating. It is said the power supply often stops for a half day or a whole day in the locality depending on the situation. The generator has been used by people with disabilities at the facility.

AMDA will keep an eye on the situation with local contacts, and provide necessary assistance as needed. 
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