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AMDA Emergency Relief #2: Earthquake in Java, Indonesia

Publication date:2022-12-12
In response to the devastating earthquake that struck West Java, Indonesia, in late November, AMDA Indonesia dispatched a medical relief team to Cianjur Regency close to the epicentre.

On 25 November, the team headed to the Tunggilis village in relief vehicles, one of the remote communities where no help had reached at the time. The relief personnel consisted of 19 aid workers from Ciawi Regional General Hospital in Bogor, West Java (five doctors, seven nurses, one pharmacist, two radiology technicians, and four coordinators).

As some of the stranded communities were hard to reach by car, the team had to access the evacuation shelters on foot through muddy pathways. Upon arrival, the team immediately started medical consultation services for the affected residents.

On the 26th the following day, the team also visited Pasir Cina, another village in the same area, to carry on with the aid work. 

As a whole, the team catered to the needs of around 700 people in two days, of which 301 people were those who received medical care. Symptoms such as fever, diarrhoea, respiratory ailments, and body pains were commonly seen among the patients. Medicine was also provided as needed.

On the 27th, the team visited the Cariu village to provide relief goods. Aside from foodstuffs including instant noodles and milk, it also provided soap, toothbrushes, shampoos and other daily necessities.

The mission was completed after a range of relief activities were held. However, AMDA Indonesia has been coordinating possible post-disaster reconstruction assistance as over 110,000 people have still been forced to take refuge.
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