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AMDA Emergency Relief #1: Earthquake in Java, Indonesia

Publication date:2022-11-28
In response to the earthquake that struck Java Island in Indonesia on the afternoon of 21 November, AMDA Indonesia dispatched a medical relief team to Cianjur, the epicenter-regency in the West Java province.

According to  BNPB, the national disaster authority, a magnitude 5.6 earthquake killed 272 people, leaving 2,061 people injured and 39 people missing. A total of around 57,000 buildings were damaged, and  approximately 60,000 people have been forced to take shelter (as of 25 November).

AMDA Headquarters received a request for assistance from AMDA Indonesia chairperson Dr. Andi Husni Tanra immediately after the quake hit. This led the Indonesia chapter to form an emergency medical team comprising 14 medical workers (two doctors, five nurses, one pharmacist, two radiographers, and four coordinators). The team left for the disaster site on 25 November. The members of the team have been led by an anesthesiologist based in Bogol, West Java, who is a former student of the aforementioned chapter chairperson.

In recent years, AMDA has conducted a number of disaster relief projects in Indonesia that are often prompted by earthquakes, flooding and landslides. In the last three years alone, AMDA has organized well over five relief missions especially in Sulawesi and its peripheral areas that are known to be disaster-prone. 

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