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AMDA Emergency Relief #35: Crisis in Ukraine

Publication date:2022-10-21


Since September, AMDA’s Japanese nurse has been working at a help center for Ukrainian evacuees in Beregsurany, a Hungarian village on the border with Ukraine. Also serving as a coordinator, she was sent to Hungary as AMDA’s 10th batch of relief personnel.

The nurse has been mainly checking the health condition of the evacuees, while referring patients that need proper medical attention to local partner organizations. They include the Order of Malta that manages the entire center, MedSpot that runs the center’s makeshift clinic, and nearby medical facilities. 

Moreover, the nurse has been trying to stay attentive to what the evacuees have to say about their experiences. She also takes care of their children by spending as much time with them as possible. As October began, she made Halloween ornaments using origami paper with children and decorated part of the facility. 

Besides directly interacting with the evacuees, the nurse was also asked to help the Order of Malta team to sort out and list up the stock of drugs and other medical goods. Seeing the medicine of different types (and with various expiration dates) being kept unsorted, she said, “As part of our duties as logisticians, I learned how important it was to handle this kind of work.”  

What comes next?

The situation surrounding Ukrainian evacuees remains difficult even after almost eight months have passed since the beginning of the crisis. Since March, AMDA has so far dispatched 14 aid workers to Hungary in total (five doctors, six nurses, and three coordinators) and provided coherent assistance to those who fled war zones. 

On 14 October, considering that the crisis may be prolonged, two AMDA coordinators arrived in Hungary from Japan to discuss further plans with local partner-organizations. Joined by the aforementioned nurse on the following day, the three have been working closely with local counterparts to seek further ways in realizing local-driven relief activities. 
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