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AMDA Emergency Relief #1: Floods in Pakistan

Publication date:2022-09-29
In response to the devastating floods that struck Pakistan, on 20 September, AMDA dispatched one relief coordinator from its headquarters in Japan.

Due to the frequent flooding stemming from monsoons and melting glaciers in the country’s northern mountainous regions since June, the Pakistani government said 1,486 people died, 12,749 people were injured and 1.76 million houses were destroyed (as 14 September).  

AMDA had been in touch with its local counterparts since August and decided to send its relief personnel in the face of the worsening situation. By September, it was said the affected population reached around 33 million.

A day after arriving in Pakistan, on 22 September, the AMDA coordinator visited the head office of the National Rural Support Programme (NRSP) for information gathering. NRSP has been AMDA’s long-time partner in social development and emergency relief projects.

On the 23rd the AMDA coordinator visited the Hamdard Foundation which has also been AMDA’s counterpart for many years, whose founder has deep ties with AMDA president. The following day, the coordinator visited the heavily-hit province of Balochistan with staff from the foundation. 

The coordinator reported that major bridges that connected the province with the adjacent Sindh region had been completely washed away by flooding, which left the local transportation system and economy paralyzed. 

After paying a visit to two local hospitals which were also used as shelters, the coordinator said the water had already receded, and the number of incoming evacuees were getting less. (The hospitals were run by the Hamdard Foundation.)

The next day, the coordinator moved to Jamshoro in Sindh Province with the foundation’s staff to assess the local situation. He said there were still many places submerged, and that a lot of people were taking shelter in evacuation centres and tents set up along roadsides. 

This time, thanks to the Hamdard Foundation’s coordination, the coordinator was able to enter by boat the area that was still being inundated. 

With the foundation’s assistance, the crew managed to deliver foodstuffs to those who had difficulty evacuating. Each set of food items contained, flour, rice, sugar, dal beans, chickpeas, powdered milk and tea leaves. Around 225 bags were distributed in total.

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