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AMDA Emergency Relief #34: Crisis in Ukraine

Publication date:2022-09-28


On 8 September, a Japanese coordinator/nurse from AMDA Headquarters began her work at a help centre for Ukrainian evacuees in Beregsurany, a Hungarian village located on the border with Ukraine. It marked AMDA’s 10th dispatch of aid workers since this humanitarian relief started. The coordinator joined the preceding team, which had already been engaged in the work at the facility.

As of now, there seem to be quite a few cases of non-Ukrainian students (who were studying in Ukraine) crossing the border to take refuge or return home. 

As much as time allows, AMDA staff have been checking the health condition of those who drop by the centre, and have been referring cases that need medical attention to doctors from relevant aid organizations. They include MedSpot that runs a makeshift clinic, as well as the Order of Malta that manages the entire help centre. 

In addition, the AMDA team has been organizing leg-exercise sessions for the evacuees to minimize the risk of thrombosis as many of them have been traveling a long distance in tight jeans and pants.

Even though the number of evacuees has been on the decline after seven months since the crisis began, the flow of people from the other side of the border has yet to seize. 

People who have been taking shelter at the centre have their own stories to tell. While some explained how terrible it was to spend every day where sirens went off day and night, some showed the pictures of crumbled buildings, which were destroyed by constant shelling. Some said they were worried about their sons fighting on the frontline. AMDA staff have been listening to each of these accounts with care, so that they can stay close to the hearts of those who have been going through the difficult time.

As for children who evacuated with their parents, the staff have been trying to make their time as enjoyable as possible by playing together using balloons and girls’ nail stickers.


Working with local aid givers

Ever since this relief mission began in March, AMDA has mainly worked with its local counterpart Varda Hagyomanyorzo, Kulturalis Egyesulet. 

Up until now, the organization held events concerning sports and cooking, which were aimed at supporting Ukrainian evacuees, not to mention AMDA also being part of them. In addition, it helped AMDA distribute daily supplies, foodstuffs and medical items to evacuees inside and outside Ukraine. AMDA also donated a van to be used for delivering these goods to war zones.

Meanwhile, a nurse who had been working earlier (as AMDA’s ninth personnel dispatch) returned to Japan on 17 September. 

For now, the ongoing aid work will be centred around coordination with local counterparts in realizing locally-driven humanitarian activities. 
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