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​AMDA Emergency Relief #33: Crisis in Ukraine

Publication date:2022-09-13


After arriving in Budapest, Hungary, on 18 August, an AMDA nurse headed to Beregsurany (a village on the border with Ukraine) on the 20th to take part in the ongoing aid work. This marked the 9th dispatch of relief personnel from Japan. 

The nurse joined the preceding team at a local help center for Ukrainian evacuees, and has been engaged in maintaining the health condition of those taking shelter there. Likewise, the team has been caring for the facility staff who have supported the evacuees around the clock.

For several days starting on 26 August, the nurse worked at the center’s makeshift clinic.  She helped sort out medicine and other supplies with a Hungarian nurse from Med Spot, a local medical organization that runs the clinic.

Although six months have passed since the crisis began, there are still people arriving from the other side of the border to take refuge. Among those who fled the war zones in late August were people who were forced to spend a week in an underground shelter as their houses were shelled. The AMDA team has been doing its utmost to listen to what the evacuees have to say, while making sure that their children can spend their time comfortably at the help center.


The 10th dispatch

On 6 September, AMDA sent an additional coordinator from Japan to Hungary due to the prolonged crisis. The dispatch was made taking into full account that the situation in Ukraine remains dire, and that AMDA’s assistance with local counterparts (such as Varda Hagyomanyorzo, Kulturalis Egyesulet) is expected to continue for some time. The details on the 10th dispatch will be announced shortly.
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