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AMDA Emergency Relief #32: Crisis in Ukraine

Publication date:2022-08-18


AMDA’s aid workers (one nurse and one coordinator) have been continuously working at a help center for Ukrainian evacuees in Hungary’s Beregsurany village, which is on the border with Ukraine. With the center’s staff, they have been engaged in maintaining the facility environment while handling other aid work. The AMDA nurse has also been checking the health condition of every evacuee at the center. 

On 11 August, an evacuee with epilepsy arrived without medication. Since there was no stationed doctor that day, a neurosurgeon from a nearby clinic visited the center for consultation. Based on the medical records which the patient carried from Ukraine, the doctor prescribed anti-epileptic medicine for the patient. That night, the nurse stayed at the shelter to be on standby just in case anyone needed assistance. The team is also introducing foot exercises to the evacuees to prevent DVT (deep vein thrombosis) as many of them had swelling in their legs. 

“Japan festival” at the help center

On 9 August, the AMDA team held the so-called “Japan festival” for evacuees and the center staff who were working around the clock to support those in need. The team prepared Japanese sushi rolls and barley tea to be served. In addition, a bun-eating race was held mainly for children’s enjoyment.

To anyone interested, the AMDA team also offered to try on traditional Japanese robes that bore the messages of support from AMDA supporters in Japan. Those who put on the robes seemed impressed when the staff explained what each of the messages meant.


The ninth dispatch

AMDA additionally dispatched one nurse from Japan to Hungary on 17 August. The decision was made due to the increase in the number of evacuees staying at the aforementioned help center in Beregsurany. The nurse is expected to arrive in Hungary on the evening of the 18th local time, and will head to the activity site on the following day. 

Before leaving Japan, the nurse commented she would do her utmost in making the Ukrainian evacuees feel at ease especially when peace means so much in the world today.

As for a nurse who had been working in Hungary since mid-July (as the eighth dispatch) completed one’s work and returned to Japan on 15 August after a one-month stint.
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