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AMDA Emergency Relief #31: Crisis in Ukraine

Publication date:2022-08-09


At a help center set up for Ukrainian evacuees in Hungary’s Beregsurany village, the number of those arriving from war zones has been gradually increasing since late July. The AMDA team (one nurse and one coordinator) has been preparing food and drinks while maintaining the facility environment with the center’s staff.

In addition to the above, an AMDA nurse has been checking the health condition of every evacuee at the shelter by utilizing a check sheet that she developed on her own. Those who seem to require proper medical attention are referred to local medical facilities for appropriate care. The team also made posters to prevent DVT (deep vein thrombosis) as quite a few evacuees had swelling in their legs. The posters were posted at random locations within the center.

Furthermore, in light of surging coronavirus cases nationwide, the team also created another set of posters to promote handwashing. They were mainly posted at the center’s handwashing stations as a precautionary measure. The posters were first printed in black and white, so that children at the shelter could colour them with the facility staff prior to posting.

Providing medicine to Ukraine

On 1 August, in response to a call for assistance from medical facilities within Ukrainian territories, AMDA donated medicine through its local counterpart  Várda Hagyományrz, Kulturális Egyesület. It was later reported that the goods had safely arrived at the destinations.

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