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AMDA Emergency Relief #30: Crisis in Ukraine

Publication date:2022-07-19

New activity phase: AMDA to assist mobile clinic activities

As of 13 July, an AMDA coordinator has been working at the help center for Ukrainian evacuees in Beregsurany, a Hungarian village bordering with war-torn Ukraine. 

As months have passed since the crisis began, moving from the help center to the next destinations has become a lot easier and smoother for those who fled the war zones. Accordingly, the number of those who stay at the center has become less, although 11 people were still taking shelter there that day.

The AMDA coordinator looked after children at the center, while working with the local staff on various tasks such as maintaining the facility environment.

Moreover, the coordinator joined newly-started mobile clinic activities on the 5th on which MedSpot (AMDA’s local counterpart) and one other aid body collaborated. 

The mobile-clinic team visited evacuation shelters and other relevant facilities in the locality to cater to medical needs on the ground. Doctors and nurses from MedSpot took care of patients with chronic dizziness and headaches, and gave medicine if required. 

As a follow-up, the team supplied elastic stockings, inhalation aids and other medical items to those that needed them.  

On the 14th, the AMDA coordinator accompanied a social worker and a psychologist from one of the said aid groups on its regular site-visits to assess the situations in Beregsurany’s evacuation facilities. In addition to the locations which the team had visited before, this time it extended its target to shelters in other towns as well. It is said that the findings will be shared with AMDA for determining further relief work which includes possible medical assistance.

Relief supplies to reach Ukraine

It was also reported that foodstuffs and other relief items which AMDA and its supports sent to Ukraine in mid-June safely reached local families. This time, the goods were mainly provided to households with people with disabilities, small children and the elderly that were finding it difficult to go out for daily shopping. They received food assistance package containing pasta, beans and tinned food.


The eighth dispatch

Meanwhile, AMDA Headquarters dispatched one nurse from Japan to Hungary on 16 July to join the local team. The decision was made after being informed by local officials that medical personnel would be constantly needed considering the protracted situation surrounding the evacuees in Hungary. 

AMDA will continue working with MedSpot especially on the said mobile clinic activities in which the nurse is expected to take part. 

After arriving in Budapest on the 17th, the nurse headed to Kisvarda to join the aforementioned coordinator for further aid work. 

Medical students at the capital’s Semmelweis University also assisted her on her arrival. The students have been supporting AMDA’s emergency response from the initial phase of this relief effort.

Up until now, AMDA has sent 12 aid workers in total

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