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Students in Bodhgaya, India, to receive AMDA Awards

Publication date:2022-07-11
By Dr. Archana Shrestha Joshi (AMDA Headquarters)
On 25 December 2021, 10 graduates of *Jeanamitabh Free Boarding School in Bihar, India, received AMDA Awards for their outstanding academic achievements. Since they graduated from the school, the students are currently attending high school and university in the locality. 

The 10 students were chosen through a screening process in which the award commission comprising five members (the school officials and others including a Rotarian) assessed prospective candidates.

In addition to receiving a trophy, each awardee was also given a 500-rupee bursary that could be used to cover the expense of buying stationery and reference books, as well as for other academic purposes. 

Mr. Anand Vikram, general secretary of the school, said: “Much like last year, we chose 10 students who could become the role models for the younger generation of students. All awardees attended classes so well and excelled academically. I am in no doubt that this has been so much encouragement for them as they seemed very happy about what they have accomplished. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many families have been struggling to make ends meet. I do hope every award recipient can pursue one’s dream by keep working hard.”


10 students who received this year's AMDA Awards

In the letters of appreciation they sent to AMDA Headquarters, each one of the award winners said how much the bursary had helped them in their daily schooling. Expressing their gratitude, they vowed to work harder in achieving their goals. 

Students usually study at the Jeanamitabh school until they finish 10th grade and go on to pursue higher education outside with the school’s support. As of now, the award recipients have been furthering their studies in a variety of fields which include mathematics, biology, and arts. Some of them attend one of the top schools in the city, and the professions they want to pursue can be so diverse which include everything from police officer to the world’s top badminton player.

Comments from AMDA Awardees:
“I feel very thankful for the award. I am currently studying biology at university. My dream is to become a doctor and save the lives of many people. I wish to use the bursary to purchase educational materials. Again, thank you so much for your support.” (Sony Kumari

“I am a college student pursuing graphic design which I think is a very creative field. It allows you to convey messages and helps generate different ideas. I am also into yoga and doing illustrations. I do have a little bit of income myself, but thanks to the bursary, I can cut down on working hours and concentrate more on studying. Thank you very much.” (Shiv Shankar Kumar)

“I have been studying at Gaya College which is one of the most famous schools in Gaya City. I feel very happy to be enrolled at my school. Thanks to AMDA, Jeanamitabh Free Boarding School and others who supported us, I have been able to study so many things. My dream is to become an artist. Your continued assistance would be very much appreciated.” (Prity Kumari)

“I feel very honored to have been chosen as an AMDA Award winner. I have been studying arts in university and wish to join the police force in the future. Thank you very much for always supporting us.” (Samta Kumari)

“Thank you very much for the wonderful award. I have been attending university with the aim of becoming an entrepreneur in the future. It is this very goal that makes me work hard. Thank you very much for your constant support.” (Dharmendra Kumar)

“It is this award that has allowed me to study in college for my future. Thank you so much. I wish to become a police officer and serve the local community in making my town a safe place.” (Bipasha Kumari

“I have been attending Uthaya University in Uthaya City. I am glad to have been able to receive the award. My dream is to become a police officer and protect my town. It is a blessing for me to be able to receive such a high-quality education at this school. Without this assistance, this could not have been possible. Thank you so much.” (Pinki Kumari)

“I am a student majoring in chemistry at Gaya College. My studies have been going really well and I feel fortunate to have been able to study at my school. My dream is to become a tour guide, and I would like to thank everyone who is related to AMDA in one way or another for their support.” (Vikramaditya Kumar)

“I am currently studying mathematics at university. With the bursary I received, I bought some reference books. Since my dream is to work in the military, I feel confident that I have made another step forward in achieving my goal. I feel truly content about this. Thank you very much for your unfailing support. Please assist us in the long run.” (Suraj Kumar)

“May I express my kindest appreciation to AMDA and Jeanamitabh for their heartfelt support. I am now attending Gaya College and my favorite pastime is singing. I hope to become an internationally acclaimed badminton player. Once again, thanks for giving me such a wonderful award.” (Puja Kumari)

*In 2018, Jeanamitabh Free Boarding School cooperated with AMDA in providing clothes to impoverished people in Bodhgaya, Bihar. The school and its governing body have been working earnestly for the people in the lower castes in the region where poverty remains the biggest social problem.
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