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COVID-19 Outbreak: Food donation to the entire AMDA Nepal team

Publication date:2022-07-11
By Dr. Archana Shrestha Joshi (AMDA Headquarters)

Members of AMDA Nepal’s
infection prevention project
receiving food items

After the first COVID-19 case was identified in Nepal on 23 January 2020, the nation had seen a total of 978,982 infected cases and 11,952 deaths by 12 May 2022, its health ministry reported. To contain the viral infection, the government repeatedly imposed lockdown measures nationwide.

When the second wave of the outbreak hit Nepal in late April 2021, both public and private hospitals had to prioritize the coronavirus response. However, due to the lack of beds and oxygen devices, lives were lost one after the other. As the country’s medical system was pushed to the brink of collapse, the health ministry requested AMDA Nepal to mobilize its entire hospitals and staff to concentrate on treating coronavirus patients.

In acknowledgment of their hard work, in September 2021, AMDA Headquarters and AMDA Hyogo in Japan decided to support the medical workers and staff members of AMDA Nepal by donating food items. It was organized in time for the Dashain celebration, Nepal’s major Hindu festival held in October. As a result, a total of 516 staff each received 3,000 JPY worth of aid packages containing rice, beans, cooking oil, salt, sugar, and other items. 


Members of AMDA Nepal’s maternal-infant heath project

At AMDA Damak Hospital

The recipients included those who worked for three hospitals (AMDA Damak Hospital, Siddhartha Children and Women Hospital, and AMDA Mechi Hospital), AMDA Nepal Office, as well as personnel engaged in AMDA Nepal’s infection prevention and maternal-infant health projects. 

After the donation was made, AMDA Headquarters received letters of appreciation from 21 members who represented the entire AMDA Nepal team. In one of the letters, a recipient who had worked for the organization for over two decades said they were happy that their tireless contribution during the crisis had been well acknowledged and praised. 

At Siddhartha Children and Women Hospital

Likewise, the comments from those at Siddhartha Children and Women Hospital said they were honored to have been part of the COVID-19 response which was highly risky and challenging. They thanked AMDA President Dr. Shigeru Suganami, AMDA Headquarters, and AMDA Hyogo for such assistance by mentioning that their trust in AMDA was strengthened and that they would be ready to tackle any future emergencies.

“We really respect and thank everyone in Japan for sending us the food supplies prior to one of the biggest festivals in Nepal,” another letter said. “This means a lot when the whole country was coming out of the lockdowns.”


At AMDA Mechi Hospital

At AMDA Nepal Office

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