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AMDA Emergency Relief #28: Crisis in Ukraine

Publication date:2022-06-24

Sending food items to Ukraine

On 18 June, two AMDA nurses purchased food items to be sent to Ukraine with local aid workers in Beregsurany, a Hungarian village at the border where evacuees had been arriving from the war zones. 

In a few days’ time, foodstuffs such as flour, cooking oil, pasta, cereals, sugar, tinned foods and meat products are expected to reach those who are facing food shortages on the other side of the border. 

It has been reported that situations concerning food supplies in Ukraine remain particularly dire for households with elderly people or small children.

Meanwhile on the 22nd, one of the AMDA nurses visited a facility that accommodated Ukrainian evacuees in Budapest to assess the current situation. The nurse learned that although the number of incoming evacuees were yet to drop, the number of volunteers were getting less. Accordingly, the nurse lent a helping hand on the spot in preparing meals, cleaning the facility and taking care of the children there. 

The seventh dispatch

AMDA Headquarters in Japan sent one coordinator to Hungary on 23 June. It marks the seventh dispatch of relief personnel since AMDA began the ongoing humanitarian response. 

The decision for the dispatch was based on the prolonged crisis which had forced local aid workers in Hungary to deal with constant fatigue in the face of unforeseeable circumstances. Although medical needs have been decreasing on the ground, the flow of those who are crossing the border has never ceased. 

Sending the additional personnel was a fair judgement at the time when Ukrainian evacuees were still in need of continuous support. For this cause, sustained collaboration with local counterpart Várda Hagyományrz, Kulturális Egyesület and other aid bodies would be essential.

Last but not least, the Tokushima Prefectural Government in southeast Japan kindly offered relief goods to be brought into Hungary upon the aforementioned dispatch. The municipality has signed a partnership agreement with AMDA in October 2015 in the realm of emergency response cooperation at the time of large-scale disasters.

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