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AMDA Emergency Relief #25: Crisis in Ukraine

Publication date:2022-06-01


As of 31 May, the number of Ukrainian evacuees arriving at a support center in Hungary’s Beregsurany village has been around 200 to 500 daily. Those who seek shelter at the facility for an extended period have been no more than 50 people in recent days. Likewise, the visitors to the center’s makeshift clinic has been declining.

Nevertheless, a nurse from AMDA-TICO continues to work hard with local medical workers to respond to various needs of the evacuees as there has been a constant flow of people fleeing the warzones. Each one of them, in fact, has their own stories to tell.

In one instance, the nurse met a parent and a son who dropped by the clinic on the 26th. The parent claimed one’s old wounds, which one suffered from severe burns in the past, started aching again. After being seen by the doctor, the parent was given therapeutic cream to relieve the pain.

All that while, the boy nervously gazed at the sight, looking tense as if he were trying to protect his parent from any possible threats.

The nurse tried to make the boy relax by asking him to join other children who were playing soccer outside. After a little while, he started smiling again and asked the nurse to play together in the end. The boy also enjoyed drawing pictures after that, although he said he was by no means a good artist. Seeing the boy shyly painting a red heart, the parent was laughing with a beaming smile.

When the two were about to depart, they each gave the nurse a big hug and said, “Thank you,” in Ukrainian.

AMDA-TICO to dispatch its sixth batch of relief personnel:

In the face of the prolonged crisis, AMDA has dispatched an additional nurse from Japan as its sixth batch of relief personnel. The nurse will be leaving for Hungary on the evening of 1 June to join the ongoing aid work.

“I am hoping to do my utmost in easing the mental stress of those who have been forced to take refuge,” the nurse commented prior to her departure. “Taking into account that humanitarian needs change constantly depending on the situation, I hope to provide coherent assistance with those who have already been working hard on the ground.”

After her scheduled arrival in Hungary on the morning of the 2nd, she will be directly heading to the activity site at the border area.

*For this mission, AMDA is working with TICO, a humanitarian NGO based in Tokushima, Japan.


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