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AMDA Emergency Relief #23: Crisis in Ukraine

Publication date:2022-05-17


As of 12 May, aid workers from *AMDA-TICO and its local counterpart Med Spot have been continuing to offer medical services to Ukrainian evacuees at a makeshift clinic in Beregsurany, a village at the Hungarian border.

Using a freight container as a consultation room, the clinic was run on the premises of the village’s support facility for the evacuees. Since the 9th, the clinic has moved into a new container as the old one needed to be replaced.
An AMDA-TICO nurse says, although the number of evacuees varies depending on the day, each evacuee has one’s own story to tell.

On the 12th, a mother and her two children dropped by the clinic. Looking dreaded and exhausted, the mother needed help, as she could not sleep at night. Although the nurse measured her blood pressure and checked her overall health condition, there did not seem to be any problem.

After mild sleeping pills were prescribed, the mother tearfully started revealing the stories of her family being separated. It caused her so much pain that she had to leave some of the loved ones behind in Ukraine. When she started shedding tears, her nine-year-old daughter immediately gave her a hug and consoled her. The nurse said he was deeply touched by the scene.

At their request, the nurse later took the three to a local supermarket. They enjoyed chitchatting on the way and taught their mother tongues to each other; which helped lighten their mood. The nurse said he was relieved to see their faces lighting up.

Other than this, two pregnant women came to the clinic who were yet to receive antenatal check. After the ultrasound scans were given, both women were relieved to learn that they themselves and their babies were fine.

*For this mission, AMDA is working with TICO, a humanitarian NGO based in Tokushima, Japan.
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