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AMDA Emergency Relief #19: Crisis in Ukraine

Publication date:2022-04-21
Since 14 April, a nurse from *AMDA-TICO’s joint relief team has been working at the support center for the Ukrainian evacuees in Beregsurany, a Hungarian village at the border.

As of 19 April, the number of arriving evacuees has increased to around 300 from what used to be 200 the week before. Among those who fled the war zones was a family that had to ask someone else to take care of a family member who could not leave Kyiv. It was a tough decision to make, as one was not able to endure a long trip.

Although the shelter was packed at one point, most of the evacuees left for Budapest by bus that afternoon.

During the morning hours that day, about 10 patients dropped by the centre’s makeshift clinic. As many of them were suffering from stress-induced headaches, the medical staff gave them medicine to relieve the pain.

Besides attending to patients’ needs at the clinic, the said nurse also spent quite a bit of time with children at the shelter. In one instance, the nurse let two boys (brothers) use his portable massager to give a massage to their mother. As seen in these little gestures, the nurse has been actively communicating with the evacuees to familiarize himself with them.  

On 17 April, the nurse sorted out donated medicine to be used in Beregsurany with two Dutch doctors and a local clinical psychotherapist. They will be sending the rest of the drugs to Ukraine later on.

*For this mission, AMDA is working with TICO, a humanitarian NGO based in Tokushima, Japan.

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