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AMDA Emergency Relief #18: Crisis in Ukraine

Publication date:2022-04-15
On the morning of 13 April, a doctor and a nurse from *AMDA-TICO arrived at the support center for the Ukrainian evacuees in Beregsurany, a Hungarian village at the border. It had been over a month since AMDA-TICO began supporting the facility.

The team started its day by doing the rounds at the shelter to see if anyone needed assistance. Those who asked for help included a woman who was concerned about her blood pressure, as well as the facility’s volunteers who complained of stiff shoulders stemming from the hectic nature of their work.

For the former, the team measured the woman’s blood pressure and made her feel at ease as the range showed no sign of abnormality. For the latter, the volunteers were given a massage to relieve their physical fatigue. The massage was also given to the evacuees who had similar symptoms.

In addition, the team also gave a hand to an elderly man who was about to leave for Budapest by bus. The aid workers helped carry his heavy baggage and saw him off until the bus departed.

In the afternoon, the team shared a fun time with Ukrainian children by holding a little arts-and-crafts session outside. Using acrylic paints, they drew whatever they wanted on canvas, which included handprints and the pictures of national flags. A sentimental moment came when a five-year-old boy wrote “papa” in big letters. This left a lasting impression on the team even after the session ended. It was the said AMDA nurse who prepared the paints.

On the afternoon of 14 April, the aforementioned doctor completed his work in the border area and moved back to Budapest. There, he had a meeting with medical students from Semmelweis University that had been collaborating on this relief project.

*For this mission, AMDA is working with TICO, a humanitarian NGO based in Tokushima, Japan.
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