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AMDA Emergency Relief #17: Crisis in Ukraine

Publication date:2022-04-14

Beregsurany, Hungary:

The flow of evacuees from Ukraine has yet to cease in Beregsurany, a Hungarian village at the border where *AMDA-TICO has been providing medical assistance.

Still around 200 people arrive daily at the village’s support center for the evacuees. At a peak period, the number often soars to 500.

Beregsurany serves as a satellite location in which many of them stay temporarily before heading to their next destinations. They use buses and other means to travel from thereon.  In one instance, a woman with a little girl and a three-week-old baby was seen among those who fled the war zone.

The below are some of the scenes AMDA’s Japanese doctor came across during his work at the facility’s medical outpost between the 8th and 11th of April.

1) A woman with a head injury:

A woman dropped in for her head injury she suffered before fleeing Ukraine. She explained that the wound was due to a bomb that hit her house in Bucha. Although an obvious dent was identified in her head, the diagnosis showed no sign of encephalitis as she had no fever or infection.

Since the woman had to relocate herself to Spain shortly, the facility’s doctor gave her a letter of reference in allowing her to receive a CT scan at her next destination.

In addition, the team made sure that the bus driver would know of her condition, so that any urgent changes could be reported in case of emergency during her journey to Spain. Although the woman seemed cheerful at the shelter, she shed tears when doctors saw her scars.

Encouraged by the facility staff, she got on the bus and made her way to her next stop.

2) All-round support:

Those who came to the temporary clinic were not just the evacuees who complained of chest pain or came in for their children’s coughs. The AMDA doctor worked with the local Hungarian medical staff to take care of the facility’s volunteers and care givers as well.

Moreover, they did everything they could to support the evacuees; from giving a massage to those that needed it; to preparing light meals in the shelter. They even cleaned the chairs outside that were soaked in the rain.

Additional dispatch of medical personnel:
As the relief activities in Hungary are expected to continue for some time, AMDA re-dispatched a nurse residing in Holland who had participated in the mission earlier on. The nurse has already arrived in Hungary on the evening of 12 April.

Meanwhile, AMDA-TICO has had its eye on collaborating with ISSA (International Semmelweis Student Association), a student body of Hungary’s Semmelweis University, for further aid work.

*For this mission, AMDA is working with TICO, a humanitarian NGO based in Tokushima, Japan.
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