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AMDA Emergency Relief #12: Crisis in Ukraine

Publication date:2022-03-31

Beregsurany, Hungary:

At the medical outpost set at the Hungarian border town of Beregsurany, *AMDA-TICO’s joint relief team has been seeing around 15 patients daily. The team is on 24-hour standby to cater to various medical needs of the Ukrainian evacuees. So far, ailments such as stress-related stomachache and digestive problems, as well as common cold are commonly seen among patients. The team is also cooperating with several aid organizations and partners in responding to emergency patients. The following cases are some of the patients the team has seen up to now:

1) A patient with epilepsy:

The team took care of a patient who had epileptic seizures. Dehydrated and exhausted, the patient was given rehydration therapy immediately. Although the condition got better temporarily, the patient’s body temperature rose to 38 degrees Celsius which didn’t subside the next day. As the patient had to go to Budapest for personal reasons, the patient was accompanied by medical staff in a van on the further journey.

2) A woman with backache:

The team has been taking extra care of a woman who is suffering from a strong sense of anxiety. It is said that she is worried about her family still remaining in Ukraine. Doctors, nurses and psychotherapists are keeping an eye on her especially during the night time.

3) A patient with malignant lymphoma:

One day, a patient who complained of fever visited the outpost at 7 AM. The patient had been diagnosed with malignant lymphoma before leaving Ukraine. The team immediately prescribed a fever reducer and decided to transfer the patient to a specialized hospital. After the patient was given whole-body ultrasound, an AMDA doctor explained the condition to the patient’s family. Accompanied by a local doctor, the patient was later transferred to the hospital in an ambulance operated by a French rescue team.

4) Others:

AMDA nurses have been looking after evacuees and volunteers at the support center; and as needed, providing foot-spa treatment and massage to relieve their fatigue.

Zahony, Hungary:

At the border town of Zahony, AMDA-TICO is providing medical assistance at a local station where trains from Ukraine arrive daily. The team has been on duty for three hours (from 5 PM) each day in accordance with the train schedule. On 25 March, although one of the doctors had been on standby with local medical staff, they could not see any patient as the train didn’t arrive on time.

On the 28th, a nurse and a coordinator from AMDA-TICO made a visit to Zahony mayor to thank him for the support offered to the team.

AMDA signs a partnership agreement with a local counterpart:

On 28 March, AMDA signed a partnership agreement with Varda Hagyomany?rz?, Kulturalis Egyesulet. The organization is affiliated with Karpatalja Haz (based in Kisvarda) which has been working with AMDA-TICO in providing assistance to hospitals and rehabilitation centers in Ukraine. Through this partnership, a plan is underway to send fresh groceries to the war-torn areas. 

*For this mission, AMDA is collaborating with TICO, a humanitarian NGO based in Tokushima, Japan.

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