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AMDA Emergency Relief #11: Crisis in Ukraine

Publication date:2022-03-26
Beregsurany, Hungary:
On the evening of 23 March, a Ukrainian man arrived at the Hungarian village of Beregsurany where *AMDA-TICO had been providing medical assistance at its suport center for the evacuees. It was learned that it took him about one month to flee to the other side of the border.
As the man seemed to have been troubled by hypertension-related symptoms, he was immediately seen by a Hungarian doctor at the center’s medical outpost. The diagnosis revealed that much of his condition was stemming from the war-induced stress. The doctor decided to prescribe him with medicine and see if his condition would improve in the days to come.
Although the man had tried to put himself to sleep at the makeshift shelter, it was obvious that he was having difficulty falling asleep. Seeing that, an AMDA nurse who was on duty that night gave him a foot-spa massage to relieve his stress. There were language barriers between the two. But as the massage went on, it helped bring smiles to their faces. Looking contented, the man thanked the nurse repeatedly and went back to bed after that.
The foot spa treatment was also given to one of the volunteers at the facility who complained of fatigue due to the prolonged aid work. The volunteer had been on a 12-hour shift for three consecutive days at a gym where many evacuees had been accommodated. “I’m all fine now, and can happily get back to work again,” the volunteer said.
Semmelweis University, Hungary:
On 24 March, a doctor and a coordinator from AMDA-TICO made a visit to Semmelweis University to report the activities to the college officials. Two Japanese students from the university accompanied them. The AMDA-TICO team explained the aid work which had been carried out in border areas, and also gave the Japanese students credit for their contribution in the current humanitarian effort.
(On a side note, some of the members from the second relief team that left Japan on 9 March have already finished their work in Hungary. They came back to Japan on the evening of the 23rd.)
*For this mission, AMDA is partnering with TICO, a humanitarian NGO based in Tokushima, Japan
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