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AMDA Emergency Relief #10: Crisis in Ukraine

Publication date:2022-03-23

Beregsurany, Hungary:

Two Japanese doctors from *AMDA-TICO that arrived in Hungary on 20 March are now working 24-hour shifts at a medical outpost in Beregsurany, a village at the Hungarian border. The makeshift clinic is part of the support center for the evacuees set at the village.

The ground team worked hand in hand with local medical personnel to respond to a variety of medical needs. So far, the patients who dropped by include a woman who got shot in her leg near Kyiv by a Russian soldier three weeks ago; a man (who expressed his brotherly love for Japan) that came in for his chronic ailment; a parent who evacuated with one’s child suffering from epilepsy; a patient who ran out of asthma medicine; to name a few.

The team also took care of some of the volunteer workers at the facility who complained of headaches, fatigue and other symptoms.

On the morning of 22 March, Hugarian president-elect Ms. Katalin Eva Novak made a visit to the support center and observed the clinic as well.

Aid work with local counterpart Kalpatalja Haz:

On the evening of 21 March, one nurse and one doctor from AMDA-TICO visited the head office of Kalpatalja Haz, a local counterpart, in Kisvarda. The two reported the situation in Beregsurany and coordinated the work schedule in Zahony, another border town where AMDA-TICO had been providing medical assistance at a local train station.

On the following day, the AMDA-TICO joint relief team visited Zahony once again, and assessed the situation surrounding Ukrainian evacuees arriving by train for further aid work.

*For this mission, AMDA is partnering with TICO, a humanitarian NGO based in Tokushima, Japan.
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